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Orange blossom in Pisa 31/12/2010

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c. 1900

My most vivid impression of Pisa is a trivial one connected with orange-blossom. On a certain sunny May-day, when, after long years, we were renewing acquaintance with the dreamy old city, the perfume of orange flowers met us as we entered the streets. It was floating everywhere on the still air. Through the quaint white thoroughfares, in which the grass pushed its way unchecked between the paving-stones, each high garden wall was overtopped by the burnished green leaves of orange trees, starred with multitudes of small creamy flowers. Their sweet scent accompanied us on our way, leaving us only when the town lay behind, and we had reached the great open grassy space where stands that magnificent group of buildings renowned all the world over. On two sides of this square the ancient battlemented walls of Pisa form an enclosure, in which are grouped the Cathedral, the Baptistery, and the ‘Leaning Tower’, while behind them, unseen, lies the Campo Santo. Time and the sun’s beneficent rays have mellowed these venerable marble monuments to a warm creamy hue. Solemn and perfect they stand, watching the generations come and go beneath their carved and fretted walls, a trinity of beauty, set between the emerald of the grass and the turquoise of the sky.

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