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Fra Angelico by Maurice Egan 04/01/2011

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A work by the American poet Maurice Francis Egan (obit 1924), date unknown.

Art is true art when art to God is true,

And only then; to copy Nature’s work

Without the chains that run the whole world through

Gives us the eye without the lights that lurk

In its clear depths; no soul, no truth is there.

Oh, praise your Rubens and his fleshy brush!

Oh, love your Titian and his carnal air!

Give me the trilling of a pure-toned thrush.

And take your crimson parrots. Artist-saint!

Fra Angelico, your brush was dyed

In hues of opal, not in vulgar paint;

You showed to us pure joys for which you sighed.

Your heart was in your work, you never feigned;

You left us here the Paradise you gained!

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