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Irreverent about the Uffizi 06/01/2011

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c. 1900

There is one other thing which, taken with this, makes gallery-visiting like a dream of havoc. It is that they fight among themselves, the distraught pictures; that, not content with abiding their own deaths, they are to kill one another. The Uffizi, then, may be considered as one vast shambles, where 2000 Madonnas and 2000 Bimbi are strangling each other. Thus stated, the position will not bear thinking of; thus stated, a great picture-gallery of devotional and votive pictures may become an offence to decency and self-respect which no honest man can afford himself. None of this touches the dilettante and his dry light of research; but I am by no means the only man who has been touched by it. In it is to be found, by him who cares to inquire, the reason why, in this book, my little say about Tuscan pictures at large has been mostly confined to those which are still growing in the corners where they were planted.



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