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Viale Marion Crawford at the Bagni di Lucca 21/01/2011

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c. 1900

The Baths of Lucca has the leafy amenity, the watered roads, the retired villas, obliging tradesmen (very brisk with their gocarts), geramumed gardens, and trim terrace-walks of, let us say, Clapham Park. It cannot escape, however, and does not escape the smug obtuseness of that sanctuary; in fact, it is not the thing for which one travels the mountains of Tuscany. I observed in it a boulevard dedicated – I know not why – to the person and conversation of Mr. Marion Crawford. This is the fact: Viale Marion Crawford.

I daresay that he stopped there, and am sure that he was comfortable; but personally I was glad to find out that the sooner you leave the Bagni the sooner you are in the mountains again, and can begin to climb in between them. You have Battifolle in front of you, a towering green cone of 6000 feet. The Lima roars and tumbles about two sides of this monster, and about him go you – to enter the most magnificent gorge anywhere north of Rome. Very narrow it is, and very deep under the crags: there are some five or six miles of it, but the road is excellent.

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