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The Destruction of the Medieval Centre 19/02/2011

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c. 1910

It is undoubtedly a pity when interesting and beautiful old quarters like this have to be demolished, and no doubt the authorities are sometimes needlessly destructive. At the same time, we could not help thinking that it was hardly fair of foreigners to demand that Italians should keep their towns as museums and curiosities for visitors, which many of us apparently expect them to do. The Italians of today want healthy places to live in, and surely have the right to be masters in their own house. Moreover, as one of our own party pointed out, many quarters of these ancient cities change very much for the worse after the lapse of centuries, as we can very well see nearer home. We are, therefore, not able to study them as they were in the Middle Ages, but only as they have become through the overcrowding and neglect of comparatively modern days. Needless to say, we did not all agree on the matter.


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