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Colazione in Piazza della Repubblica 26/02/2011

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c. 1910

We were still discussing this burning question as we crossed the new, and, we admitted, rather distressing, Piazza, with its very flamboyant statue of King Victor Emmanuel. But we were too hungry to quarrel for long; we wanted our colazione badly, and turned our minds seriously to this important matter. We chose a promising restaurant in the Piazza, one which looked more Italian than Gilli’s establishment, and we sat ourselves down at a table whence we could watch the passers-by and all the varied life of the city-square, and discuss Browning’s amusing poem on the comparative merits of the villa and the town. L. and I also happened to have been reading that delightful comedy in Florentine vernacular, L’Acqua Cheta, by Augusto Novelli, and we seemed to recognise many of those charming popular types with their mixture of wit, shrewdness, and child-like gaiety. We saw more than one young fellow who looked as if he would have hidden up in the fig tree in the gloaming as Cecco did, and dropped the figs on to old Ulisse’s head, and many a girl who looked capable of  ‘playing-up’ like Anita. We took a disgracefully long time over our lunch, and rested blissfully over our coffee. Thus ended our first ramble, which we felt had improved our minds by giving us an idea of how long it would probably take to know anything at all about Florence. Nothing is more illuminating and educative than the consciousness of ignorance.a sprocket found in the backseat

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