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Viareggio Out of Season 18/03/2011

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c. 1900

It is not to be imagined that Viareggio is the same quiet little place we know, and enjoy, all the year round. Far from it! It has its ‘season’ (I trust I may never see it), when all the hotels and pensions are full to overflowing, and the attractive little houses are let to visitors. All the little wooden booths on the Piazza d’Azeglio, facing the sea, which are for the most part closed in spring, are then thrown open, as are also the long lines of bathing establishments running down across the sands. The theatre, also made of wood, and the race meetings provide amusement: so it must indeed be a different Viareggio from the quiet little place beloved of artists in the early months of the year. Then one meets many brothers of the pencil and the brush working busily in the little harbour full of shipping, or higher up the canal, where the boats unload, or down in the shipbuilding yard. Besides these there are endless beauties in the scented pine-woods to tempt them, and all the wonderful effects of sea and sky. To the west lies Pietra Santa, where also many an attractive subject can be found on the fine piazza, with the quaint, old-world city gate, the facade of the church, and the curious line of fountains against the hill, which rises steeply behind the little town.

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