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Riccardi Palace Praised 02/04/2011

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c. 1850

I do not believe there is a more impressive building in Europe than the Riccardi Palace in Florence, , the ancient residence of the Medici in the days’ of the first Cosmo, and Lorenzo. It preaches like a sermon; it harangues like an oration; it inspires like a poem. I came upon it unexpectedly the first day I was in Florence, and as I stood beneath its black walls of chiselled rock, with its massive overhanging cornice, I felt for the first time the power of architecture. And yet palace though it be, it presents but two, sheer, unbroken fronts on the corner of two streets – no projections, no recesses, no towers, pediments, columns, piazzas – two simple fronts with their magnificent cornice, that is all; but so grand are the proportions of all, as if Michael Angelo had written his name all over it, that, for true sublimity, it far surpasses all other structures there, even the huge Cathedral itself.

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