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Piazzale Michaelangelo at Dusk 23/04/2011

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c. 1910

We reached the Piazzale, and once more faced that wonderful view of Florence at our feet, which no doubt reminds many people of the vaster but less beautiful view of Rome from S. Pietro in Montorio. The dark city was divided by the gleam of the river, which was beginning to look golden in the afternoon light, as it glided out westward into the sunset. We were rather weary in body, and had to admit that modern life can supply some excellent things afternoon tea being among them. We sat at our table and enjoyed the mental relaxation of watching our various neighbours, some of whom had great struggles with elusive waiters and tea and coffee that refused to appear. We lingered long on the Piazzale, as if fastened to the spot by the sight of the sunset glory. Very unwillingly we at last came down, wondering why we did so, and wondering yet more at the terrible power of habit that forces one indoors (home, as we call it as if the outspread beauties of nature were not home) at stated hours. L. waxed poetical, and began to quote Wordsworth, whereupon the Conscientious Objector crushed all pathos into nothingness by remarking: ‘Wait till you are cold and hungry’. This was true enough to be disagreeable, so we went down by S. Niccolo and home by the Ponte Alle Grazie.

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