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Tomb Raiders 01/06/2011

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c. 1910

On the Sesto road, as it passes Quinto, stands a villa called La Mula, and for a reason. The Tuscan people of this neighbourhood have long said: ‘Tra Quinto, Sesto e Colonnata, Giace una mula d’oro sotterrata’; and, in fact, the villa is built on a tumulus that covers an ancient tomb whose spoils of gold, when it was first robbed, live no doubt in the local rhyme. This tomb is very remarkable, and has been the subject of expert study which assigns it to the sixth century before Christ. For our present purpose it is enough to note that it reproduces the singular architecture of the Treasury of Atreus in Greece, and on a scale of size which may fairly compare with that of the better known monument. The road must be older than the monumental tomb that thus relates itself to it, and the traders who passed on this line to and from Villanova were at one time surely in touch with the far life and famous art of Mycenae.

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