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The Lost Church of San Piero Maggiore 16/07/2011

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File:San pier maggiore.JPG

c. 1910

A few more steps and you stand in a wider space, the Piazza of the Mercatino di San Piero. On the left a deep dark archway brings hither the ancient road from Fiesole by the Borgo Pinti. On the right the same road leaves the Piazza for the river under the shadow of an old tower at the corner of the Via del Mercatino. In front, as it were to mark and hallow the crossing, stands a great portico, the atrium built in 1628 for the Church of San Piero Maggiore, and now the only relic of that very ancient building which time has spared. The Piazza is a busy place, with its shops and smoking stalls that offer hot dainties to the crowd; its traffic of loaded carts, bright with the trappings of their teams, that still find this a convenient road to the hills and the north. By day the place is loud with market cries, and when night falls you may find the cantastorie chalking the orb of the world on these stones and gathering a silent crowd about that circle, spellbound to hear him as he recites from the page of Serdonati the battle of Gavinana and the fall of Ferruccio.

File:Giuseppe Zocchi, Piazza san Pier Maggiore (1744).jpg

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