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Massa Marittima, 1910 07/09/2011

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This town (about one and a half hours by train from Follonica, on the line between Pisa and Grosseto) has a magnificent situation on a rocky hill over 1300 feet in height, surrounded on the north and west by densely wooded heights. To the east and south lies the level stretch of Maremma, with the hills of Gavorrano and Scarlino, and beyond, the Gulf of Follonica and the island of Elba. Above the town is a vast stretch of open down which falls away to the south in precipitous rocks covered with a luxurious growth of shrubs and scented herbs. The picturesque towers and buildings of the town, the rich undergrowth, far-extending woods, and the distant view of plain, sea, and island, make this one of the most charming places in Tuscany. In the immediate neighbourhood are mines of copper, alum, lignite and lead.

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